Paying Subs Through OSM

Login as normal with your email address and password to reach the parent's portal dashboard. On the left hand side there is an option called 'payments', click on this to reach the payments area on the parent portal.

You will reach a screen with options for payments. At the top is the events payment where you can pay for events. See the section about events for more information about this.

You will also see a section called either 'Monthly Subscripton Single' or 'Monthly Subscription Sibling' depending on the number of young people you have in the group. Click on this options to see all the payments that are due.

In the monthly subscription section you will find a list of all of the payments due which should be for £11 for 1 child in the group and £7 for each child if you have more than one child in the group. Please click create subscription in the top right corner so that the money will be taken automatically each month.