Badges and Awards

Badges are a key part of scouting. In each section there are two types of badges to earn - activity and challenge badges. 

Activity badges are earned doing activities that count towards the badge. There are many different activity badges to earn. 

Challenge badges all count toward the chief scouts award (bronze for Beavers, Silver for Cubs, and Gold for Scouts). Once you have achieved the challenge badges you will be awarded your chief scouts award. 

You can find the requirements for badges here...

Beavers activity badge requirements

Cubs activity badge requirements

Scouts activity badge requirements

Where do my badges go?

For a guide of where to put your badges have a look at these images. If you have any questions, speak to your section leader. 

The Chief Scouts awards - Bronze, Silver and Gold

The Campfire Blanket

There is one final type of badge which are campfire blanket badges. These are badges that are handed out as part of attending a camp or event, or they may be handed out as a thank you. These don't go on your uniform, they go one a campfire blanket. We'd recommend starting one sooner in your scouting journey rather than later as when you move through the sections you can sew all of your badges onto your blanket. Who knows, once you are an Explorer Scout, or even a leader, you might have one as good as Baloo's. (Ask her to show you, it is very impressive!)

If you are unsure about whether a badge is a campfire badge, ask your leaders. They'll be able to tell you.  

Badges at home

A lot of badges can be completed at home through OSM's Badges at home section. This allows you to upload evidence and comments for leaders to approve badges. You can also see all badge requirements at home. Click below for a how to guide to badges at home. 

 Check it out now...