Going Away on Camp

We know that sending your child away on camp can be stressful. It may be the first time that they have spent a night away from home, or maybe they are a semi pro, have been on multiple camps before but are feeling a little nervous. This is our how to guide on how to survive camping away with 26th Southampton Scouts!

Before we start the guide we just wanted to say if you have any worries speak to your section leader, we all have years of experience under our belts (some of us decades but we're not naming names!) and have run many camps before. Whatever your problem is, we can deal with it and we are always happy to help and support young people in any way we can. 

Have a read through and if this still doesn't help, come and speak to one of us. 

Yours in Scouting

26th Southampton (Swaythling) Volunteers

Deciding - do I want to go on camp? 

As leaders we would advocate for every child to join us on camp, it is the thing that rounds off the scouting experience. It is putting those outdoor skills for life into practice, with friends, in the great outdoors. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about camp...

Will my child be safe on camp?

All camps must have a camp leader who is in charge of the overall running of the campsite and is responsible for the safety of everyone involved. To run a camp, a leader must be assessed by a 'Nights away advisor' and if successful will be granted a nights away permit. Therefore anyone running a camp has been assessed to a high standard to make sure they are safe. 

All nights away experiences also have to have a risk assessment that is approved by the head of Southampton City District (District Commissioner) who will also check that all adults attending the camp have the required DBS checks and up to date training. 

What will my child eat on camp? 

Don't worry if your child is a fussy eater, we always make sure that they are fed. We have a team of excellent cooks who are experienced at cooking on camps. We don't always send round the menu for camp beforehand, as typically this creates more problems than it solves, however please let us know if your child has any dietary requirements and we can accomodate for them. 

Will my child enjoy camp? 

Quite simply, yes! Everyone who comes back from camp is absolutely exhausted, however always says they have the best time of their lives. 

Who will my child sleep with?

This depends on the camp. In some instances they will be in dormitories, sometimes in the hall, but more often than not they will be in tents. We try where possible to ensure that boys and girls have seperate accomodation and we will always make sure that all of the young people to have privacy to change. If you have any concerns about this please speak to your section leader. 

This camp seems very expensive what can I do? 

Whilst the group does heavily subsidise the cost of camps, we do need to cover our running costs therefore we will often ask for a contribution towards camps. We try to advise of this contribution well in advance and will do everything we can to keep the costs down. The cost of a camp should never be a barrier to a young person attending so please come and speak to us if it is, there is help available should you wish for it. You can either speak to your section leader, or email our group scout leader Allison (allison.evans@southamptoncityscouts.org.uk) if you would prefer. All conversations are completely confidential. 


So, your child is coming on camp - fantastic news, we're really looking forward to having them! Before they come on camp they will need to bring kit with them. They will be told what kit to bring by the camp organiser who will send round a kit list however here is a rough guide with all the essentials. 

A quick note on buying kit. All members of the group get 10% off at GoOutdoors and Mountain Warehouse. Bring your neckerchief along or other proof of being a scout. The nearest GoOutdoors is in Milbrook, and the nearest Mountain Warehouse is in Chandlers Ford. We also have lots of spare kit at the hall, please come and speak to us if you would like to borrow some.

Kit to bring on camp (please check the kit list though) 

What not to bring on camp

When you pack, make sure to pack with your child. That way they will know where things are in their bag. We are experts at finding things in bags, however many times the situation would have been solved if the child knew what was in their bag. 

Finally - Please, Please, Please, Please Name all kit, Name everything! Even the things you don't think need naming. I don't know how many times I have stood in a tent pointing out to cubs that 'no one has come in their tent, taken off their trousers and then just left' they must belong to someone in the tent! We really don't need any more lost socks in lost property. 

Medication/Medical details

Before we go away on camp, we always ask that you make sure that the details that we hold about your child are up to date. This includes any medical details, dietary requirements, or medication details on OSM; please document anything that you feel may impact your child's experience of camp come and speak to us if you feel that would be more appropriate. More details about common problems are below. 

Dietary needs

We can accomodate all dietary requirements on camp, please just give us notice so we can design the menu taking any dietary requirements into account. 


If you child has past experiences of feeling homesick please let us know. It can help us to prepare them beforehand and there are many things we can do to help them - just let us know. 


Please just let us know if your child wets the bed, we deal with this on camp more often than you think and we are well prepared. Just come and speak to us so we can ensure we can put procedures in place to help your child on camp. 

Other medical conditions

Please let us know about anything else we can do to support your child of camp. We have an experienced team with a wide range of experience in working with young people. The key message - let us know about anything you feel is important, however small it may be. 


We're so glad your child would like to come on camp. Please come and speak to us if you have any queries or problems with camp. If you have any worries at all, please just let us know, we have lots of experience in helping young people on camps and are always happy to help if your young person has any concerns.